Coping With A Break Up or Divorce

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                           WELCOME  TO  MY  SHELTER



     If you ever visited the Hudson Valley you will understand why I am delighted to reside here, where many consider to be one of the most beautiful

     destinations in the world. My hometown of Rhinebeck, only 90 minutes north of Manhattan became somewhat famous after Bill and Hillary Clinton hosted

     their daughter Chelsea Clinton's wedding in 2010. Rhinebeck, a beautiful B&B community has been referred to as the Hampton's of the Hudson Valley. 

     If you have never been to Rhinebeck, I hope you plan a weekend visit or a vacation soon. In addition to the incredible B&B's, we have the BEEKMAN ARMS  

     America's oldest inn. Make sure to visit the Tap Room upon your visit. We also have the beautiful, waterfront The Rhinecliff Hotel in the hamlet of Rhinecliff.  

     On top of that, we have the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome, home of the famous biplanes and a very famous tourist attraction. Not to be missed or forgotten is the

     equally famous Dutchess County Fairgrounds host of the annual Dutchess County Fair which is voted America's most famous county fair and draws about 

     half  a million visitors each August. 

     Rhinebeck is one of the last small towns in America. Most of our residents love and support our charities and non profit entities such as Winnakee Land Trust,

     The Rhinebeck Science FoundationNorthern Dutchess Hospital Foundation, Starr Library and recently the new Walkway Over The Hudson in neighboring

     Poughkeepsie. If you click on any of the links to each of these entities, you will understand why Rhinebeck, the Hudson Valley and our surrounding areas 

     are so special to us. We welcome tourists in every season. Our streets are always busy in the Spring, Summer and Fall, but a little known fact, December is

     one of our most popular tourist destinations being we host the famous Sinterklass Parade in our village which is produced by Jeanne Fleming, producer of

     New York's famous Halloween parade in Greenwich Village. 

     When here don't forget to stop by and visit at least one of the three most beautiful places in the world, right here in Rhinebeck! I am speaking about Burger  

     Hill, Poet's Walk and Ferncliff Forrest. Each spectacular in it"s own way, a must see to understand!

     I have been calling Hudson Valley and Rhinebeck my home for the past 13 years. The trauma of my divorce could have driven me out in a search for a new

     start but I cannot imagine living anywhere else. This is my shelter where I feel safe and connected to people and to nature, and where I healed my pain.

     If you ever find yourself in this area or have a chance to come visit, don't hesitate come and experience the serenity and warmth of Rhinebeck and Hudson 

     Valley. Make sure you email or call me and we will meet at one of our local spots. 




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