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     Coping With A Break Up or Divorce

On one of my nature walks.

 I am a retired businessman who maintained a lucrative and successful career in various industries. After retiring in 2002 at the age of 45, I moved to the beautiful Hudson Valley where I still reside. I was very much in love and happily married for 20 years. Since moving to Rhinebeck I had time to watch my three children grow and be very much involved as a father and a husband and I loved every minute of being a husband and father! 

Two years ago I was blindsighted by a request for divorce. My unexpected request for divorce came two months after my mother died. I lost my sister and father several years before. Therefore, losing my marriage, my family and leaving the beautiful new home I just custom built was a real blow, I felt as if I had nowhere to go and no family to turn to. In my mind, my children and my wife were the only family I had left. I was a devoted, faithful husband and I loved my ex wife very much. Therefore, I pleaded with my wife at that time to attend marriage therapy in an attempt to save our marriage. I was unsuccessful at convincing her. From my point of view, I loved my wife, I was happy and I believed our marriage would last forever. Between the emotional scars and the pain of losing my mother, my sister and father and then my marriage and everything I worked for, it was enough to take a huge toll. I knew I had two choices, I could either spiral downward  or I could invest in myself and make an effort to transform my life! I decided to transform my life and I began the work necessary to change myself. What kept me grounded and what kept me going, was the love, devotion and respect from my three children. My children constantly told me how much they respected me, admired me and looked up to me. Armed with all that love and confidence, I turned my life around using several techniques which helped me overcome my pain in a very fast time. In fact, my therapist at the time told me how proud she was of me. She informed me most men could not endure the pain I endured in record time. 

Throughout the process I learned to "not blame" my ex wife for the divorce, I accepted my part and my responsibility for the situation and I realize my actions, and conduct may have equally caused the failed marriage which is a huge breakthrough to admit. I learned to forgive my ex wife for the decision she had to make which caused me my pain and to this day I forgive her for her part of the divorce and I continue to wish her all the best.

I came across an article by Gerald Rogers last week which mimics my sentiments exactly since my divorce. I am enclosing the link to the article because it is incredible information that I wish I learned 20 years ago. Had I learned how to admire, respect and cherish a woman for the Feminine Divine that they truly are early during my marriage, my marriage may have not failed. I know I will never make these mistakes again in love and I hope you open the link and read the enclosed, PROFOUND advice by Gerald Rogers. I believe it is advice which will change your life for the better and the advice is free. Consider it a gift from the Universe. My hat is off to Gerald Rogers for his brilliance and for expressing his feelings and emotions so perfectly. I feel the same way as Gerald Rogers. However, I do not believe I could have expressed it as eloquently. Please visit: http://www.oddcrunch.com/divorced-man-words/0

If you like additional information on how to treat a woman like a divine Goddess and more information how to sustain a relationship, please read: The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida. I wish this book came out before my marriage ended. Had I known what I know today while I was still married, I may have been a more considerate and caring husband and I would have adored my wife in the manner she and all woman deserve. Fortunately, I read David's book and dozens of others since my marriage ended and I have grown to become the man I always wanted to become. Hopefully some of this information will help you in the future as well. David's book is a must read for all men!