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Transcend Heartbreak ~ Emotional Pain

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  Discover how to transcend emotional pain utilizing holistic methods. Eliminate emotional pain by changing your thought patterns. Learn how to SHIFT emotional pain and MANIFEST bliss. You simply need support from a coach who has been there, dug deep and connected the dots. I am a coach dedicated to helping you examine the underlying ROOT cause of your emotional pain by using your mind and the art of introspection. You have the ability to release your emotional pain from heartache sooner than later by applying my 4-week Healing Intensive. It is much easier to accomplish than you imagine after you learn how to NURTURE your mind, body and soul, which I teach you how to do over the span of this simple and brief 4-week e-Course.


 Week 1

  Healing begins with a mindset, a SHIFT in the way you are thinking! You will only eliminate emotional pain after you discover how to retrain your brain and the way you think. It takes skill and mastery; it takes support and guidance, even constant reminders. My 4-week healing e-Course will instruct you, support you and remind you how to eradicate emotional pain and suffering and how to manifest everything you truly desire.

 Week 2

  Utilize Nature! Discover how to connect to and utilize nature to help transcend emotional pain. Notice the stillness, quiet and serenity of nature. Learn how to quiet your mind of the chatter and to stop worrying about what was or what can be. Learn how to eliminate your fear, the fear in your mind that you are creating by worrying. Discover how utilizing nature will help you set your course for a joyful future and learn how to trust in nature and become one with nature.

 Week 3

  Understand the true benefits of proper nutrition! Learn to treat your body respectfully and discover how nutritious ingredients fuel your cells and optimize body function, which in turn reflects on your mental attitude. Learn how to reenergize your body and build self-confidence by improving your cells and the way your cells communicate with each other.

 Week 4

  Create Sacred Space! Your living environment, your body and your mind require a sanctuary. Creating sacred space in your decor, mind and body permits you to transcend and connect to your higher-self, your higher, untapped power and potential. Learn how to tune into the Divine hidden power inside your soul. Discover how to stop depending on or listening to your Ego and learn how creating Sacred Space in your life will allow you to use the power of your soul to eradicate emotional pain.



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Life Can be Great Again After Break Up or Divorce

  Learn positive life changing techniques to help you transition pain of divorce sooner.

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Overcome Heartache Pain - Guidance and Advice 

for Divorce Pain or Emotional Pain After Breakup

We learn that "change over time" is natural. However, when we are facing a traumatic event like a separation, a divorce or a painful break up, we often feel desperate and hopeless..

Why I Can Help You

4 Week

 Emotional  Healing  eCourse  

Begin  Your  180  MIND  SHIFT  $29

​  Transcend  Heartbreak & Emotional  Pa

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4 Week

 Emotional  Healing  eCourse  

Begin  Your  180  MIND  SHIFT  $29

  Transcend  Heartbreak  Emotional  Pain





Don't Face Heartbreak Pain by Yourself

Learn how to heal a broken heart and how to cope with anger and self doubt.

​Overcome Heartbreak or Divorce Pain - Guidance Advice


     Coping With A Break Up or Divorce



A colleague from the Boulder Colorado area founded Reawaken Rapture a coaching and consultation service offering various packages on creating Sacred Space in your life to manifest love and abundance. Additional expertise includes; Reiki, Money Breakthrough Method, Mindset Shifting, NLP, Chakra Balancing, Holistic Nutrition and Hormonal Balancing. Free private 30 minute phone consultations are available to get you started with no obligation. Phone 516-524-1347. Anna Kowalska, founder of Reawaken Rapture is a powerhouse of knowledge with education and degrees too numerous to mention. A brilliant woman who came from a foreign country and after extensive study; has tremendous gifts and insights to offer.


Blanca Beyar is an author, speaker and medium who can help you shift perception and help you find inspiration. Blanca also aids you in locating your personal healing tools. Check out Blanca's new book ~ Female Divine Hurt No More



 Copyright 2014. Change Over Time.  All Rights Reserved.

 Change Over Time Symbols are a Trademark of Change Over Time

    Receive  several pages of easy to follow, valuable ​information each ​
​week to overcome your heartache pain. Positive life changing material !

    Receive  several pages of easy to follow, valuable ​information each ​
​week to overcome your heartache pain. Positive life changing material !

    After 20 years of marriage, my life was turned upside down after a sudden, unexpected request for divorce. I was in pain and knew I had a choice to fall apart or turn my life around. I chose to turn my life around and discovered several formulas to ease emotional pain holistically and since then, I have never been happier, healthier or more at peace. Now, all I want to do is share what I learned to help others heal emotional pain utilizing all natural formulas and methods. I am not a Ph.D. or Social Worker. However, after making holistic changes, and after severe introspection, I learned how to transcend heartbreak sooner than most. Therefore, I compiled mini-guides to make it easier for anyone to understand what is needed.  (Please Like this site on Facebook to help others in need of support).